General Information for Competitors

Our competitions are run by different committees each of whom have their own rules, criteria, schedules and closing dates.

Please Note
We are proud to showcase our winners and participants on our website and Social Media platforms. If you do not wish to have your photo on either of these please contact the Show Office:


General Rules and Conditions

Applicable to all sections:

The Committee reserve the right to refuse any entry and to cancel or amalgamate any class(es) not having sufficient entries.

Entries for various classes must be made on the appropriate form, not later than the specified dates, after which dates no entries will be accepted.

No entry will be accepted unless accompanied by the correct entrance fees.

The judges decision in all classes will be final and not subject to any court of law.

If any wilful misstatement or misrepresentation be proved to have been made by an exhibitor, the Committee shall have the power to withhold any prize awarded to him or her and debar him or her from entering in any future show held by the Society.

The Society will not be responsible for any damage loss or injury arising from an accident or any other calls to any person’s animal or property on the Showground. All exhibits shown are at the sole risk of the exhibitor.

All objections and protests will be placed before the General Committee and no appeal will be allowed against its decision.

The General Rules will apply to all shows and the various sections of any one show.