Farm Competitions

Today, our Farm Competition embraces different events throughout the year. Aimed primarily at local farmers, within a ten mile radius of Tenbury Wells, from smaller farms to larger establishments. Each year, Judges have the difficult task of selecting champions from varying enterprises, including barley, wheat, cattle, sheep conservation and many more.



Why did we start the Farm and Farm Enterprise Competition?

Besides the Show and Annual Dinner, there wasn’t much going on during the rest of the year.  We thought an additional competition  would keep members more involved in the society (in conjunction  with a few additional social events…) So, in 1987 we formed a small committee, choosing members who were located in different areas of our 20 mile radius to encourage their neighbours etc to enter…  Much to our surprise we had a great take-up and in our first year  50 farmers signed up to compete! The Farm Competition is self-funding through social events and its finances are therefore separated from the main Society account. It has been a tremendous success and continues to bring in more members for the Society and at the same time, volunteers for other events.

2022 Farm Competitions

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