Ferretworld Roadshow

Ferretworld Roadshows are a Feast of Ferrets suitable for all ages.

In the Countryside Ring, firstly Simon Bishop gives a talk on the history of ferrets, where they came from and what they are used for, right up to the modern ferreter and the equipment they use. As part of his talk Simon also brings in animal welfare, the food chain and possible health problems that owners new and old may experience from time to time, but is also of interest to the general public. Following this is a Ferret Fun Run!

Ferretworld Roadshow

A second talk is given, this time on ferrets as pets, ferret clubs and welfares plus the social side of ferrets. Following this shorter talk, the Ferret Fun Run begins in earnest whereby the younger members of the audience take an active part in the race by going head to head with the ferrets in special tubes their size. This part is definitely “hands on”. Simon acts as race official and judge for the races, but everyone wins in the end ! We aim for two teams, the children not only racing the ferret but also the other team.

Throughout the day, whenever Simon isn’t appearing in the arena, he is usually available for Q & A on all aspects of ferrets.

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