Hold your breath while Jamie Squibb and his radical motorcycling team take to the air to perform dazzling and daring acrobatic stunts.

This ultimate crowd pleasing show has a multi rider line-ups and is choreographed to music and commentary to add to the visual impact that Squibb Freestyle provides.

In recent years, Jamie has performed at Goodwood Festival of Speed where he had the pleasure of riding alongside FMX Legends such as Edgar Torrontaras, Steve Sommerfield, Petr Pilat, Emma McFerran, Hannes Ackermann and not forgetting UK talent Dave Wiggins!

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground,  you can visit our Countryside Ring where it’s all about fun and education. Learn about sheep, fly fishing and archery…. Pat a beagle, stroke an alpaca or ride a pony! There’s even a ferret fun run and a hilarious performing sheep show!