“A Fantastic Celebration of all things Tenbury”

We are thrilled to say 2022 has seen in another fantastic Tenbury Show! ONE HUGE thank you to our President Jim Stevens, Chairman David Rawlings, Directors, Volunteers, Competitors, Judges, Stewards and loyal Visitors! Wonderful feedback has been so rewarding to hear and we are enormously grateful to all those who give willingly of their time to prepare and set-up the show (and to take it down!).

Mr Cliff Slade’s letter to the Ludlow and Tenbury Wells Advertiser, a few days after the show, best sums up the great success and spirit of our show. Thank you Mr Slade!

Well done, thank you and congratulations to the Tenbury Show organisers. The whole day was a fantastic celebration of all things Tenbury with its roots buried deeply into its rural farming heritage. Tenbury Show is, and continues to be a proper traditional, agricultural spectacle unspoilt by commercialism.

Every stand, marquee, event, exhibit, livestock pen, ring, parade and competition was packed with eager local and far away visitors greatly enjoying their days, weeks and months of hard work and preparation for this one-day celebration of the area’s finest countryside pursuits, produce and people.

It was great to see so many young and old, hardworking farmers and businesses with their feet up really enjoying the day in their own backyard! It was a fantastically organised and greatly appreciated day enjoyed by hundreds of visitors putting Tenbury and its hardworking agricultural community right up there with the bestest!

Cliff Slade, Tenbury Wells, copyright Ludlow and Tenbury Wells Advertiser 11th August 2022


2022 And What A Show!